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Critters-n-Calico are ceramic figurines that are covered in bright printed fabrics. Each piece is sealed and protected with clear epoxy. The whimsical designs make unique gifts. Specialty Critter orders let you design a distinct gift for that special person. You receive a bright, unique, handmade and one-of-a-kind critter. You pick the figurine, the fabric, the colors and the pattern.

Giving a gift of Critters-n-Calico is a thoughtful gesture. Any time a friend is celebrating a special event, a personally designed critter could be just the gift to show your support and brighten the day. 
Your special critter will be whimsical, original, unique, one-of-a-kind and handmade.  Critters-n-Calico can be made from a precious printed fabric of yours with a special meaning, or a calico print of mine with a theme you suggest.
  • New Baby: Piggy Banks, Angels, Teddy Bears
  • Weddings: Religious gifts, Crosses, Trinket Boxes
  • New Job: Candy Jar, Patriotic Gifts, College Mascot
  • Marriage Proposals: Trinket box, Photo Frame, Kissing Frogs
  • Christenings/Baptisms: Crosses, Angels, Trinket Boxes
  • Graduations: Mascots, Animals, Photo Frames
  • Engagement: Kissing Frogs, Elephants, Puppies
  • Sympathy and Support: Crosses, Photo Frames, Special Cups
  • Retirement: Pigs, Cows, Golf Theme
  • Housewarming: Matching Themed Print Figurines
  • First Day of School: Mascot, Pencil Holders
  • Teacher Gifts: Pencil Holders, Flower Vase, Teacher Collections
  • Competitive Events: (Bowling, Spelling Bee, etc.) Mascots
  • New Business: Vase, Photo Frame with First Dollar
  • And any other time someone you know could use a boost of confidence or has a reason to celebratest

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Critters-n-Calico is proudly made in Texas by the owner of this website. Every figurine I make is hand-made with all the creativity and care that I would use for a gift of my own.  My goal is to have a Critter-n-Calico in your home that you can be proud of and smile every time you look at it. Let me make one or more for you.