June 7, 2016 @ 1:16 AM

So many little things. I still can't get the email from the website to work, but when I submit a support question, I always have to ask something else; why can't I see all of the website without edit menus like the catalog pages? Why don't all my .com pages go to my website? etc.

Now I have noticed that some of the pages have a different font or font size. And the backside information isn't all working like what Google wants in order to rank the pages. And how do I get the SEO numbers up? Maybe someone will read this and help with suggestions and without a bill of $500 to $2000!

At the same time I have continued working on the Critters. I am going to finish the Monet Frog "Sitting with the Waterlillies" Check him out in a week or so in the Middle Critters-in-Calico page.